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Hemp Sunglasses

Hemp can be used for variety of purposes. As we at Dragon Cannabis are focused on social and natural environment, we present DragonWear hemp sunglasses, made from highest quality sustainable materials. Sunglasses made of hemp bring a positive effect to social and natural environment and present a unique product for every occasion.

Why Sunglasses Made of Hemp?

Problems caused by low-cost products mostly made in China, present a growing problem for our environment and consequently for our society. Due to fast fashion and low quality, cheap, toxically produced materials are soon to be found in nature, suffocating our planet. Our ecosystems are drowning in plastic. Furthermore, working conditions in such factories do not represent the best ethical practices known. The production process involves many negative externalities, which we should not wish for.

We decided to improve the current situation step by step. Introducing Hemp Sunglasses DragonWear.

HEMP SUNGLASSES DragonWear: Main Features

Hemp sunglasses DragonWear are produced with sustainable practices, organic materials, and traditional artisan techniques. Every screw, rivet, and hinge is marked, drilled, and assembled with the hands of human artists and not machines.

Hemp sunglases

Only precisely engineered components made of the highest quality materials are used. What is not made of hemp, it is made of highest quality titanium or alloy to ensure long-lastin performance and highest quality.

hemp sunglasses

Hemp Sunglasses DragonWear are not mass produced (thousands of frames) through injection moulded plastic. We value art, attention to detail, and sustainable production process. It takes more time to make them, which results in the product quality.

With special Dragon footprint we emphasise the power of nature and positive change of the future. At the tip the power of hemp is depicted with the engraved leaf. Elegant and relaxed design allows these sunglasses to be worn for any occasion at any time. Every frame of the hemp sunglasses is handmade and unique, just like every human being.

Hemp sunglasses


To learn more about the negative effects of plastic pollution and how hemp can serve as an efficient alternative, follow the link here. DragonWear sunglasses are created using sustainable approach, where societal and environmental care are our priority. Unique techniques of creative and skilful individuals are used in creating these sunglasses.

Material Processing

Leading edge sustainable technology is applied to process organic hemp used in the creation process. It is an environment friendly technology, which only has water vapor (H2O) as a byproduct.

hemp sunglasses

Raw hemp fibre is processed into solid material by combining them with a specialized eco binder developed for high performance. The result is a very strong and lightweight material, perfect for eyewear. Hemp material has similar properties to carbon fibre, however it is a sustainable, nature friendly version.

Shape Cutting

A modern computer controlled cutting machine precisely cuts out every unique frame for our hemp sunglasses.

hemp sunglasses


This part involves the real work. Craftsmen take weeks to change the rough shapes into the hemp sunglasses frame. Everything is handmade. Handheld rotary tools and fine grit paper are used to achieve and incredible smooth finish.

hemp sunglasses

V – Channel

Every lens requires a V-channel into which it fits perfectly. A custom build router controlled by hand is used to make these channels. This step requires a lot of skill from the craftsmen as the router is sharp and moves at over 6000 rpm.

hemp sunglasses

Waterproof Coating

Hemp material is already waterproof on its own. However, to achieve the best possible effect, the frames are coated with eco-friendly resin. A mixture made of: 70% natural paste and 30% recycled resin from manufacturing byproducts.

hemp sunglasses

Hand Polishing

Hemp is a natural material. Its fibres form unique patterns, which make each frame one of a kind. No two pairs are alike. Uniqueness is one of the most visually fascinating properties of the DragonWear hemp sunglasses. Hours of polishing are spent to achieve a perfect finish.


As already mentioned, every screw, rivet, and hinge is marked, drilled, and assembled by hand. There are things machines cannot do as well as humans, and this is one of them. Assembly by hand ensures a great quality control and allows the craftsmen to adjust every individual frame to achieve a perfect fit of the DragonWear hemp sunglasses.

Once the sunglasses are assembled, we carefully prepare them in a bag made of hemp and put them in the magnetic hemp box together with the lens cleaning cloth.

Learn more about the hemp sunglasses details by selecting the below button

DragonWear Team

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