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Get ready to face any situation with the ultimate all-in-one DragonWear Weatherproof & waterproof Hemp Backpack. Its elegance and adaptability make it the perfect choice for both weekday convenience and weekend adventures, ensuring you’re prepared for any journey life throws your way. This will be the perfect everyday backpack you have been looking for


Waterproof & Dustproof – Ready for Adventures

Indulge in the ultimate waterproof experience with our DragonWear backpack, meticulously crafted with waterproof hemp fibers. Enhanced with a natural, PFC-free coating layer, it forms an impenetrable shield against stains, liquids, and dust particles. Effortlessly maintain the pristine condition of your backpack as it effortlessly repels dirt and grime.


Unrivaled Durability & Protection

Hemp is renowned for its exceptional durability, making your DragonWear backpack your trusted companion for a lifetime of adventures. From challenging terrains to unpredictable weather or urban exploration, our backpack keeps your belongings secure and dry. Its waterproof construction guarantees that your valuables remain safeguarded from rain and splashes, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your journey worry-free.


Versatile Size – Expandable to 30L & Aircraft Ready

Experience the perfect balance of functionality and versatility with our hemp backpack. As a spacious 18-liter everyday backpack, it safely carries your 15″ laptop. On the weekend, expand it to a 30-liter adventure hemp backpack, accommodating all your gear and essentials.

Immerse yourself in the convenience of travel as our precisely measured backpack meets personal carry-on luggage requirements for all major airlines. Effortlessly stow it under the airplane seat, ensuring easy access to your belongings throughout the flight.


Large & Wide Packing Space

Embrace a world of convenience with our meticulously designed backpack, catering to your every need. Its versatile and spacious interior effortlessly accommodates sports equipment, daily work essentials, and even multi-day travel necessities. Experience the ultimate ease of use and embrace limitless possibilities with our all-in-one backpack


Anti-Theft Pocket – Your Safety, Our Priority

Indulge in worry-free journeys with our ingenious backpack featuring an exclusive anti-theft pocket. Say goodbye to unwanted exposure and keep your belongings secure as this specially designed pocket can only be accessed from the back, ensuring that only you have control over it. Experience peace of mind while navigating the cozy rides of the metro.


USB Power Plug – Stay Connected

Stay powered up throughout the day with our hemp backpack featuring a convenient side notch. Seamlessly connect your own power bank on the inside while keeping your device easily accessible on the outside. Stay active, connected, and in control of your digital world (Battery not included).


Durable & Sustainable

Crafted from premium hemp, our waterproof DragonWear backpack blends durability and longevity seamlessly. Designed to withstand daily wear and last for years to come, bid farewell to flimsy backpacks that quickly wear out. Embrace the reliability of our waterproof hemp backpack as your steadfast companion for countless adventures.

Waterproof Hemp Backpack - Beige

SKU: 0004
€ 139,00 Regular Price
€ 120,00Sale Price
    • Weatherproof (PFC free)
    • Durable hemp fibers
    • Elegant, flexible, and trendy
    • 18 l expandable up to 30 l
    • USB power plug (cable and battery not included)
    • Extremely light  ( only 1.05 kg)
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